2017, the time for Agriculture in Nigeria

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Nigeria has been known for his high volume of importations, close to 70% of what was consumed was coming from overseas. Well, now due to a long list of different factors, the country is passing through an unavoidable and even needed recession. And it is in this situation, where many see the end for Nigeria, I see that it is really becoming a country of opportunities, real opportunities.

It is only when we are removed from our comfort zone, even if it is by force, that we are able to create something new. Was it necessary for Nigeria to be tear into pieces to be able to create something new?. Definetly there should have been many other ways, but it is very difficult to fight against customs.

Now, in this 2017 that looked like a futuristic age when I was a little girl, now it’s time for Agriculture in Nigeria. In fact, there is need for Agriculture in Nigeria, because when a country of more than 170 million population starts to import staple foods, that are produced locally since ever, because what the country produces cannot supply the entire population. Then, definetly it´s time for Agriculture


Nigerian Agricultural sector is a yet to be explored market niche, with need of many products, services, projects, investment in infraestructure, machinery, technology…..and a long etcetera, that can boost the sector into a modern, ecological, reliable and consolidated agriculture sector able to at least, meet up the needs of the country.

Foreign and local players are encouraged to participate in the develpment of the sector, different events are taking place around the country on this regard. Are you in the Agricultural sector, then you should look at Nigeria to expand your business.

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Originally published at News Republic